Callery’s vs Other Regular Premium Ice-cream* (Per Serving)
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Less Calories
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Less Sugar
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Less Fat
See how 1 serving of Callery’s Low Calorie Vanilla Bean Ice Cream fares:
Brand Calories (kcal) Fat (g) Sugar (g) 
Callery's Vanilla Bean 59 3.6 4.5
Regular Premium Vanilla Ice-cream 115 - 250 6.6 - 16.0 12 - 20

*Compared to regular Premium ice-cream. Based on per serving of regular premium full-dairy ice-cream with 260-300 calories, 20-25g sugar and 16-19g total fat content.

Comparison of caloric content of different foods*

 Callery’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (1 serving, 63g)

11.8 59 calories

 Apple (1 small, about 150g)

15.678 calories

 Non-fat Plain Yogurt (1 cup)

24120 calories

 Unsalted Roasted Cashew Nuts (1 serving, 28g)

32.8164 calories

 Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce (1 cup)

36.8184 calories

 Double Cheeseburger (1 burger)

88440 calories

*The caloric values stated are referenced from average values and may vary based on the type, brand and cooking method of ingredients used.

Where are the calories?

Callery’s Ice-cream is sweetened with Erythritol - which is naturally found in plants and fruits and is almost ZERO in calories. Unlike other sugar replacements, erythritol does not cause bloatedness nor affect blood sugar levels. Moreover, it tastes great and is also recognised by the United States Food and Drug Administration as safe (GRAS).

Check out more information about Erythritol

What’s more

We use premium milk, cream and ingredients in all our ice-creams. Savour the bold and fresh flavours with low fat and sugar content.

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