We Use only the Finest Ingredients in our Products

To create each and every flavour of Callery’s Reduced-Calorie Ice-cream,
we spared no expense in testing numerous ingredients sourced from around the world.

Single-Origin Vanilla Beans

We searched far and wide for the best vanilla for our ice cream and realized that “Bourbon” or “Madagascan” did not always translate to the best flavour. Our search came to an end on the fertile volcanic soils of Indonesia, where beautiful cream-coloured vanilla orchids gave way to vanilla pods with a fragrance we described as “gentle”. These local farmers grow their vanilla in a sustainable fashion and processed them with a non-alcoholic process to concentrate the flavours. Every pint of our reduced-calorie Vanilla Bean ice-cream you buy helps to raise the profile and living conditions of these farmers.

Premium Belgian Cocoa

We envisioned our Belgian Dark Chocolate ice-cream to be rich and addictive. For that we needed the richest cocoa powder the world had. We were drawn to cocoa sourced from West Africa, where the climate and skill of the local farmers gave rise to a fermentation process that has no equal. These fabulous fermented cocoa beans are then graded on site and the best quality chosen to be Dutch-processed by an age-old process into a fine cocoa powder that stimulates the senses with just a whiff of it.

Fresh French Strawberries

Did you know that the type of strawberries enjoyed worldwide today was first cultivated the 1750s in Brittany, France? We hearken back to those times with our French-grown strawberries. Grown lovingly by local farmers and harvested only when fully sun-ripened on the vine, the freshness of our strawberries explodes in your mouth from the first taste of our Strawberries & Crème ice cream. Délicieux!