Our Story

Callery’s Low-Calorie Ice Cream was born from a clear objective – to bring healthier desserts to you, without compromising on taste and enjoyment. Healthy foods, especially desserts, have always had a reputation for tasting bad. But, why eat healthy ice-cream if it doesn’t taste like ice cream?

So, for a long time, people with sweet tooths have been asking, “There MUST be some low-calorie ice-cream that tastes GREAT!”

Unfortunately, there wasn’t, not until our professionals, with the backgrounds in culinary arts, pharmaceuticals and engineering, together scoured the world for the best ingredients, dived deep into the science of food and ice-cream, and developed Callery’s Low Calorie Ice-Cream that you now hold in your hand.

Callery’s Ice-Cream, one of the World’s first Premium Reduced-Calorie Ice-cream was created to bring you the best of both worlds - Opulent Taste, Minimal Calories. By combining food science and safety with culinary arts, we are proud to bring the world a truly unique gourmet product.

So, dig in, and enjoy Maximum Happiness, Minus the Guilt!